From the moment of our conception, our soul acknowledges that we are “Beauty”.

Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon we radiate from our mother’s womb. Filled with beauty, honesty, and innocence. But as our minds develop, a new voice begins to emerge in us. It tells us what we should have done, what we must look like, or how we need to be. It talks so loudly in us, that our soul becomes dim and dull. We become encased by the role of image in our culture. That is when our metamorphosis begins. Once we shed the narcissistic needs of our parents, the discourses of our given culture and our insecurities - we then awaken from our cocoon with awareness that time has past but radiating beauty again. This metamorphosis happens repeatedly throughout our lives.

In my project titled Transcendental Beauty - I wrap my subjects in the same heavy wool blanket which emulates their encasement by the role of image in our culture. I photograph them at the moment of emergence from their cocoon. Beautiful, honest, and strong – not jaded by the pressures of the media or culture. This is the moment that I capture.